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Don't worry about formatting, grammar, punctuation and that other stuff. Just get your story out and send it to us. 
We will take care of the rest! 

  • Content editing

  • Formatting

  • Typos, grammar and punctuation

  • Paragraph structure

  • Stunning website to sell your book

  • Headers, page numbers, and table of content

  • Front and back book cover design

  • Author's bio and book summar

  • Upload paperback and eBook to Amazon

Satisfied Clients

From the beginning and still today, they have walked this journey with me. They have spoken into my life and helped me to become whole and free. It is because of the freedom I found that I was able to surrender my story to Father God that He might use it however He chooses. I don’t think I would be where I am at today if not for the powerfully anointed team at Simply Ideal Solutions. Their work is done with excellence and they do not settle for anything less than the best.
-Dr. Brenda J. Sanders Lemus 

I could feel the warmth of heart. It wasn't just about my business but about me as a person, you handled me with professionalism but also with warmth, politeness and patience. I was kept in the loop and updated on every move in this journey and as a new author not knowing anything about writing a book, I didn't have to ask many questions because you provided much information in simplicity to where I understood. 
-Samantha Jordan

You did an outstanding job editing my book and developing my website. Before I was introduced to you, I knew I had a great story to tell and though I had done a decent job of telling it, it lacked the sympathetic appeal. It This staff was able to effectively do that. I encourage any budding author to seek the counsel and services of the Simply Ideal Solutions team. They are knowledgeable, professional, and incredibly polite! What's more, they allow God to work through them and give him the glory.

- Angela Greene

Right from the very start, the consultants were very professional and easy to communicate with. They were brimming with suggestions and great ideas to market my new book and stayed in touch with me throughout the entire process. I was given ample opportunity to review what was done, which allowed me time to think through any additional items I wanted to add. I never felt rushed and am pleased with my new website! I would highly recommend Simply Ideal Solutions.

- Mary Rock

​My experience with Simply Ideal Solutions has been nothing short of the absolute best. I am not an author, but my very dear friend, Thomas had a phenomenal manuscript that I surprised him by having it published. Not knowing anything about publishing a book, Simply Ideal was simply ideal (pun intended) for me. They took the time to guide me through the process and also provided exceptional editing, formatting and book cover design. They created a masterpiece.
Written by Tarla Atwell.

- Thomas J. Faucette Jr. 

Thank you for all your hard work. The personal attention and service you provided through the course of this adventure was beyond what anyone could reasonably expect. You have proven yourself to be diligent, thorough, creative, resourceful, fair, honest, and most importantly, Christ like.  I appreciate your honesty and your work ethic. It has truly been a pleasure and I look forward to completing multiple projects together in the future. You have represented God well, I am sure He is pleased.

- Jeff Andras



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