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Let's Get Published

Aspiring authors who do not publish their books are often deterred by one of the following reasons:

  1. Believing you need a publishing company to get your book in the hands of readers

  2. Thinking you are responsible for the finished work of your book (i.e., editing, formatting, book cover, etc.)

  3. Not sure of the next steps once your manuscript is completed

That's where companies like ours come into play!

We are NOT a publishing company, but we help you become a SELF-PUBLISHED author. 

Self-publishing on a Budget!

This is a great avenue for those, like yourself, who are on a limited budget, but do not want your budget to limit your reach. The world needs to hear your story!


There are several benefits to self-publishing, with the most prominent being your initial out-of-pocket expenses. At Simply Ideal Solutions, our dedicated team (with 30 plus years of experience in writing, editing, and design), will turn your manuscript into a masterpiece, and help make your book available on Amazon (the leader of online book retailers).  


Typos, incorrect grammar, and a fragmented content flow can quickly cause your book to be deemed unprofessional and lessen your sales potential. Our experts will provide editing feedback designed to enhance your reader's experience and present you as the professional you are.

Our Services



If you have already started or have completed your manuscript, we will be happy to provide a free 30-minute phone consultation to help determine your next steps.

book cover 

We will design a stunning front and back cover that represents your book title/content. We also include book spine (based on number of pages) and assist with your book summary.

marketing resources

Marketing resources are some of your most effective tools to grow your clientele and maintain an on-going presence after your book release and book-signing events.  We design business cards, promo cards, book markers, flyers, video book trailers, and more. Don't forget your website. 

content edit/format


We provide both basic and extensive editing. Extensive editing includes both content and formatting.


  • Typos / punctuation

  • Grammatical errors and verb/noun agreement

  • Content flow, transition, and continuity


  • Paragraph structure and chapters

  • Font styles

  • Book size and margins

  • Headers, footers, table of content, and page numbers

  • Foreword, about the author, and acknowledgements

When we're done, your book is ready to be published.

upload to amazon


We help set up your account,  upload your completed paper-back and/or eBook, set pricing, etc. Your book will be available to readers around the world.  




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