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I need a website

Every Published Author Needs a Website!


A website gives your followers/supporters a way to stay connected with you for book signings, purchases, events, blogs, and new book releases. 

We will design an an eye-catching website that will tell you story, express your personality and allow readers to get to know you.


If you have a brand, we will match your brand colors, logo, etc. If you don't, we will help you create one.  

Note: We only build new websites. We do not edit existing sites. 

Our websites include the following pages:

  • About author 

  • About book

  • Blog

  • Image gallery

  • Contact form

  • Social media icons

  • *Image gallery

  • *Online store

  • *Specialized forms

  • * Customized lists

  • *Other applications


*Features with an asterisk are considered an upgrade from a basic website. Additional fees will apply. Websites are built using the Wix application.

Once your website is completed, we provide a free 1-hour session to give you an overview of your website. 



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