I Need a Website!

Don't you hate that uncomfortable moment when someone who wants to learn more about you, purchase your book, or support your cause ask the question, What's your website address?" and your response is..."I don't have one."


Your followers/supporters need a place to connect with you, get your books/products, follow and register for your events, read your blog, etc. 

We will design an an eye-catching web-presence that will keep your followers connected! 

Note: We only build new websites. We do not edit existing sites. 

Our websites include the following pages:

  • About author 

  • About book

  • Blog

  • Image gallery

  • Contact form

  • Social media icons

  • *Image gallery

  • *Online store

  • *Specialized forms

  • * Customized lists

  • *Other applications


*Features with an asterisk are considered an upgrade from a basic website. Additional fees will apply. Websites are built using the Wix application.

Once your website is completed, we provide a free 1-hour session to give you an overview of your website. 



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