Don't you hate that uncomfortable moment when a potential client or follower asks for your website, only to learn you don't have one? Talk about a potential missed opportunity!


Your clientele need a place to connect with you, obtain your service or product, and refer other potential clients to.


Note: We do not provide updates to existing websites. We only build from scratch.


We will design a website that is geared toward your specific needs/goals to include: 


  • Media gallery

  • Image gallery

  • Blog

  • Online store

  • Forms

  • Social media icons/feeds

  • Lists

  • Protected content

  • Other applications


*Please note that some of the services listed/available require an annual or monthly subscription that is NOT included in the price to build your site. 


Based on the outcome of our initial consultation, our experts will provide two design options for you to choose from. 


Once the site is created, we provide a free 1-hour session to train your web specialist to perform ongoing changes and updates.


Additional time with your web specialist is available for an hourly fee.  


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Our experts are ready to assist with your strategic and training initiatives. We provide engaging workshops that range from leadership development, team building, cultivating a culture, service improvement, brand establishment and adherence, to motivation for success.   




We facilitate Simply Ideal's proprietary workshops or customized sessions designed to meet your specific strategic goals. 


Our facilitators are available to come onsite or conduct webinars. 




We currently offer the following workshops:


  • The Power of "No."

    Objective: Participants learn the power of saying "no" to tasks or requests that are not in line with identified goals. Saying no is not easy, but necesary both in our professional and personal lives. A yes that should have been a no easily becomes a distraction that can have long-lasting repercussions. Mastering your "no" lies in the 'how, why, and when' it's delivered.  

    Length: 4 Hours


*Check back soon for additional proprietary workshops. 




Our experts will create engaging workshops designed to successfully achieve your business/strategic goals.

We will:    


  • Perform an analysis to identify learning or enhancement need

  • Work closely with your Subject Matter Expert (SME) and stakeholders to gather content

  • Based on content and identified needs, we develop learning objectives that pinpoint desired outcomes

  • Facilitate the completed content

  • Obtain particpant feedback for future enhancement




Our experts will write/develop content for your learning or marketing needs. We will work one-on-one with your team to identify the learning objectives and capture the essence of the message you want communicated.

We will:


  • Perform a learning needs analysis 

  • Identify/create learning objectives

  • Gather existing content if availble or create new content

  • Provide developed content to your team for changes/approval

  • Finalize and hand off content


Deliverables include but are not limited to:

  • Participant guides

  • Self-paced learning (web/elearning) with or without audio 

  • PowerPoint presentations


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